Stepping Stone #1 -Love myself.

Stepping Stone #1

My grandmother starts off by showing me a vision of myself when I was just born, lying in the crib.   She said, “pick up the beautiful little baby,  hold her, and give her much love because she is so deserving”.   I imagined picking me up and holding me in my arms, and it brought tears to my eyes and warmth in my heart.

Then she showed me all the annual school pictures of me starting from kindergarten through graduation.  I had forgotten about some of those years, but as I looked at the pictures, I could reconnect to how I was feeling at that time in my life. I could feel the clothes I was wearing in the picture on me…as if I returned to that age, and I had the feelings I was having at that time in my life in each picture.  She told me “look closely at each picture, and give each of those beautiful girls a big hug and much love as she so deserves”.

After following her instructions, images of me as an adult going through adulthood appeared.  My grandmother told me “hug that beautiful lady and give her much love as she so deserves”.   At this point I had uncontrollable tears flowing from my eyes and feelings of love were overflowing from my heart.  I never felt beautiful, but after going through this part of the journey, I realized we all are beautiful, every one of us.

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