Stepping Stone #11 – Value myself and I will value and appreciate others.

Stepping Stone 11

My grandmother took me back to her house where I spent a lot of time prior to age 5.   She started to take me on a tour of the house, the details in the house were so vivid.  It took me back to being 4 years old ago.   I followed her to the front of the house and outside to the front porch where stood the big tree that towered over the front yard.   She took me to the side of the house where there was a hill that my brother and I would lay on our side and roll down to the bottom. The beautiful roses were in bloom and the snowball bushes had hundreds of bundles of flowers.    As we walked back into the house she took me into a room and there was the chest where my pink & yellow dresses were stored for church on Sundays.   She took me to the room where I slept and I could see all the animal ornaments that I used to play with on the shelves of the dresser.    I had forgotten about those animals. I had forgot how happy I was in that home. Tears came to my eyes as I began to feel all the feelings of love that I felt in that house.

She then took me to the back yard, where I saw the tetherball pole I would try to climb, I looked over to the neighbor’s yard that housed a dog that always barked at me.   She took me to the back of the yard toward the alley, where I peeked over the fence into the alley way as I used to do…the alley was always off limits.   She took me back into the house and we went into the kitchen.   To my surprise, my father and loving relatives were at the table drinking coffee as they always did.

As I walked into the kitchen as the 4 year old girl, they all turned to me with such delight.   I could see how much they loved me and adored me.   They had such big smiles on their faces and each asked me if I would give them a hug and I kiss.   I went from person to person giving them a hug and a kiss.   Each were so delighted to receive my hugs and kisses, they just found me so adorable, I could do no wrong.   Wow, what a beautiful feeling to be adored and loved so much!   As adults we don’t get this type of loving very often.   I remember how it feels to feel valued and I recognize that it is something I should never forget…my value. It feels beautiful to feel so loved, everybody deserves to feel this way.

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