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About spirit attachment and releasement


Putting aside the identification with the positive and the reaction to the negative,  what remains? . . . There is nothing left but the expression of freedom —Steven Harrison


Spirit Releasement is the clearing or freeing of spirits and energies of others and objects and devices out of one’s atmosphere or energy system. Sometimes the discernment of attached energies and entities is easy and their presence quite obvious. Sometimes the work of identifying attachments can be subtle.

 Sometimes the clearing of attachments yields a very dramatic shift in the behavior and sense of self of the client. In all, despite all the doubters and critics, the practice of spirit releasement, though varied, is a very important modality. So often I have had new clients come to me with issues that they have not been able to clear in spite of years of other therapies and good intentions by other therapists who were unaware of the possibilities presented by this purview. Many of these clients have left my office transformed and “healed” after only one session. Such experiences are not unusual in my practice. 

Other professionals who have practiced this modality of spirit releasement have documented case studies showing that more than seventy or eighty percent of the clients who have come to them had attached entities. (Baldwin, Fiore, Modi) My clinical experience is similar.


The Normal Pathway Following Death for Humans

For most of us, the normal process or route upon physical death is for our non- physical bodies or spirits either to go quickly or slowly into the Heaven World and the White Light of God. When this happens there is initially a lifting out of the body and often the leaving of physical sensations. For a while we may remain in the consciousness which was held while in the body and then, either quickly or gradually, we may feel relief from the physical constraints and the emotional dross.

 As also described in Chapter Four, upon death we may remain close to the body for a brief period. We may be aware of and may focus on those nearby. When we become aware of the presence of Light or pure spiritual energy, we feel it as welcoming, loving, and compassionate. Then we may become aware of loved ones who predeceased us who are welcoming us and of others who may appear unfamiliar but wonderfully welcoming. Angels may appear to assist us into the Light. Gradually we release the energies of that lifetime and withdraw into the Higher Realms. This pattern or route may vary for different souls. 

Generally, there seems to be a review and assimilation and learning through what are known as the middle and upper astral realms. These realms are of increasingly higher vibration. There is a processing of emotions and of learnings. There may be training, rest, and education for continuation of the pathway of the soul. Then a planning stage for return to the next incarnation occurs. (See Chapter Four.)

How do we know this?

In the East there have long been scripture and teachings that attest to this Interlife journey; the Tibetan Book of the Dead is one such source. But a more direct experience has become available in the evolution of Regression Therapy. Since the late 1970s there has been a compiling of thousands of such “Interlife“ experiences of thousands of clients in regression sessions. In these sessions most clients have reported common themes and elements of this journey after death and of other aspects of the whole of the soul’s journey between lives. Among the many documentary writings are Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, Ph.D. and Memories of God and Creation, by Shakuntala Modi, M.D. I have consistently found the same basic elements in my work in case after case over the years.


The Abnormal Pathway Following Death for Humans

As also referenced in Chapter Four, some of us do not go into the Light at death. Some of us remain here close to the physical plane for a while or what seems like a long time and then, upon letting go of whatever state we had been attached to, we are taken up into the Light.

When someone leaves the body but remains here, they may haunt dimensions close to the earth plane. They may attach to the energy fields of those who are in human lives here. These beings are then called “earthbound” spirits or “earthbounds.” Those who die and do not go into the light and do not attach to those remaining on the earth are, of course, “ghosts.”

We get stuck here for a myriad of reasons. It may be confusion, anger, resentment, bitterness, wanting revenge, not wanting to leave loved ones or family, feeling that earthly projects are not finished, wanting to control others, jealousy of former partners. Sometimes a violent death combined with a state of fear may contribute to a person staying on the earth plane. 

Suicide, guilt, shame, and unexpressed remorse can also be strong factors that keep one from receiving the Presence in the Light. Terror in the death, fear of punishment, convincing beliefs that there is nothing beyond the physical can also be contributors to remaining here. Addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol or obsession with others or agreements and vows, such as “I will never leave you,” may also be factors.

Loved ones or family members of departed ones are often heavily struck with grief, loss or guilt at the death of the loved one. They may stay stuck in their feelings and not move through them. Thus they may hold on to the one who just left. Such behavior acts like a strong emotional magnet keeping the deceased loved one here close to the physical plane. The deceased may attach to the grieving person still in the Earth life here.

 Sometimes the spirit of a deceased unborn child remains with the mother or gets scattered and lost after a miscarriage or abortion. In other cases the seemingly incomplete task parenting children draws the deceased back to try and manage or protect offspring who remain. A deceased parent who still is carrying guilt about how they raised their children may attach to their grandchildren to try to protect or help them.


Effects of Earthbound Spirits When Attached to Client

Clients with attached earthbound spirits have reported a number of common symptoms. They have reported low energy, difficulty thinking, hearing voices, feeling the presence of another. They sometimes report seeing the earthbounds that are attached. The entities may have appeared to them in dreams or meditation.

 Clients with earthbounds attached sometimes report sudden onset of addictions or compulsions or experience a sudden impulsive behavior that they do not understand. This may include what is called obsessive-compulsive behavior.

They sometimes develop sexual identity conflicts, a loss of sexual libido or other sudden sexual symptoms. They report sudden onset of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sadness, thoughts of suicide, night terrors, phobias, anger, rage, suicidal thoughts or experience sudden mood swings, changes in personality, or report difficulty in concentrating.

Of course, just having these symptoms is not an affirmative indication of the presence of attached earthbounds. But awareness of the potential impact of earthbounds can help in assessing if there are any with the client and then clearing them or releasing them from the client’s field.


Attached Dark Beings

The protocol for releasement of dark or demonic beings into the Light is different than for earthbound deceased human spirits. Attached human spirits can only be assisted into the Light upon their own decision and not against their will. Dark beings can be “carried” or removed into their appropriate place in the Light but will not be able to be cleared out if there is some agreement or symbiosis between them and the human host in the physical body or a host who is an earthbound human spirit.

Why is this? Because dark beings do not have the same independent will that human spirits do. And human spirits have a function of “return” into the Heaven Worlds from the earth experience. The earth journey into the physical has been their own creation/movie. Their return is an aspect of the freedom to choose and learn. If they (earthbounds) could be forcefully removed against their will from their attachment to humans, or from places of haunting (as ghosts) it would be contrary to their souls’ functions and purposes in relationship to the Self. It would be contrary to the whole paradigm of self-responsibility.

 On the other hand, dark beings’ existence actually is dependent upon the human spirits’ collective misperception and belief of being separate from God or the Divine Self within. Among the consequences of this belief and apparent disconnect from our own Being is the appearance of duality, (good and evil, darkness and light, etc.).

 Duality can only seem to exist in a fear-based state, a state that is a denial of Unity. When one is in Union or Unity with the Self, there is no perception of duality. It does not exist.

We can be in a state of depression feeling sad, angry at the “others” in our life, who we feel/believe have offended us in some way. Then we may decide to ask for help or pray to the Divine Spirit in some way or may go into meditation to clear ourselves or ask an Angel of the Light to come. We may seek help from a friend, shaman, priest, therapist or other. When true healing comes we may feel a shift; the original depressive state is gone and no longer exists, the “others’ that rejected us are no longer playing the same role in our movie. We suddenly feel whole and not separate.

So this earth life is sort of a grand scenario not unlike the metaphor above. It is a story of our efforts to come into healing, wholeness, and union. And what appears in the world and the universe is that which reflects to us our state of either Love or fear. This is not only an individual decision on our part, it is and has been a collective response in our “collective unconsciousness.”

An interesting fact is that when a dark being is attached to a human host, one can have the Angels of the White Light envelope the dark one in a web of Light. And then one can direct that dark one to look into the center of their being and (in most cases) assist them to eventually come into the realization of the Light within them. In those cases, the consciousness of the once-dark ones is transformed and they become a reflection of the “Return” to Source. When clients witness this transformation of dark ones who have been within their field, they, too, have a powerful experience of Source and the Light. As we assist in that shift through this work, so also does the collective heart and consciousness of our world and universe shift.


Types, Characteristics, Impact of Dark Beings

The dark ones come in all shapes and sizes. Their metaphoric or mythic origins are described in scripture and legend, in ancient shamanic tales of origin and birth of races. They appear out of the lowest vibratory fields in our creation, the lower astral planes. (Hawkins) One might assume that they come to us as we attract them. But often client experiences of such beings seem to not reveal any good cause for their presence in one’s energy field and subconscious. At other times the presence of dark ones is directly due to the obvious invitation of the client, in this life or another.

Sometimes the dark ones’ presence in the field of a client may be nested in the energy of an earthbound that is attached. There may be layers of earthbound spirits and dark ones, and a complex process of sorting and releasing may have to take place to thoroughly clear them from the host/client.

 The roles of the dark ones may vary from feeding on major fear-based dysfunction within the psyche of the person to acting in a mischievous and seemingly innocuous manner. One possible role of a dark one towards a client/host can seem to be one of detailed contrivance in manipulating their host’s life into defeat and disarray and sometimes into even death or murder.

 Dark ones may be dark in color, dark shadows, blobs, brown, black or slime green  without distinct form, or wolves (if with red eyes). Sometimes they may take the shape of monsters, black snakes, hooded devils, horned devils. Sometimes they appear as spiders, clowns, or reptiles. They may even morph their shapes and can manifest briefly with a dulled appearance of a Great Teacher. The therapist need not worry about remembering all the possibilities, only to remember the protocols for differentiating between the dark ones and the energies of human spirits, deceased and alive.

 Regardless of what or who appears in the client’s scan of their energy, if you are not sure of its identity, have the client ask it what it is. It — or “they” — will usually tell you! If there is no response from the attached entity, and it is not identified as an energy of a current life or past life trauma for the client, nor of someone’s else’s energy, then ask the Angels of the White Light to remove it in web of White Light. If it is neither a deceased human spirit nor a deceased human spirit with attached dark ones, the entity will be cleared out of the client’s atmosphere. (Energies of human spirits not deceased can be cleared using the “Energy Call Back” described in Chapter Four.)

 Dark beings are often hostile and arrogant. They speak in defiance and their actions are deliberate and disruptive. They interfere with human relationships in a way as to promote conflict, anger, and even separation. When asked their purpose with a host (client) they will usually state something to the effect of bringing the person down, destroying them, killing them. They promote and thrive on fear, lust, power and control over others. Some are not verbal, that is there seems to be no response to questions posed. Others seem to have language of screams and gibberish.

 There are various types of demonic beings and recent authors have discerned many categories of them. (Baldwin, Ireland-Frey, Allen)  In this work, I have found that this kind of information can be helpful but it is not as important as whether they are simply either earthbound human spirits or others (the broad category of dark beings or dark ones, extraterrestrials, etc.) and what was happening with the client at that time they came in, what their arrangement with the client, if any, is and the impact that they have brought into the client’s life. Within all of this, the basic removal or releasement process and principles are generally the same.

 When asked what their source is they may exclaim through the host that it is  “hell,” “satan,” the “devil,” the “evil one,” the “great one” or give other similar responses. Sometimes they may state in an attempt at intimidation, “You know.”

 After the web of Light of the Angels of the White Light is surrounding them in that step in the Spirit Releasement protocol, the dark ones are sometimes more amenable to answering questions about their presence, how long they have been with the client, if there was an arrangement or agreement made with the client in this life or possibly or in another life where that agreement fostered their attachment.


The use of the Ouija Board is a disastrous invitation for trouble! There should be a label on the side saying, “Warning: the Surgeon General has determined that use of a Ouija Board can cause the attachment of undesirable and sometimes quite dangerous  demonic and earthbound entities.”


 Networks of Dark Beings

There are networks of dark ones that are apparently quite extensive and these networks can be identified when having dialogue with a dark being that has been attached to a client after you have had the Angels of the White Light wrap the entity in a web of White Light. When asking the dark one of its source and its response is intelligible, (not always the case) ask if there are others involved in its work and where they are. You can also call forward the “one in charge” and make inquiry with that one as to the location of others. Though they will usually answer with an attitude of arrogance or belligerence, the answers will usually fit into a picture or pattern that is consistent with other similar inquiries you may make or the inquiries that other researchers and therapists have made. (Baldwin, Ireland-Frey, Allen)

 Such dark networks can be found influencing many generations within one family, whole portions of a country’s population and vulnerable areas within the planet. They can be found within the group mind of a family, feeding off of and causing disruption, illness, despair, hatred, fear within the members and exploiting unfinished business and egoic misperceptions of trauma.

 Removal of these networks can begin with the identification of such networks in inquiry of the dark ones identified as being attached to the client. Then the therapist can invoke the Angels of the White Light and the Archangel Michael to come and envelope and remove all of the network’s members and its directors into their appropriate place in the White Light.

 Most of the dark ones will be cleared through this, but some may remain due to agreements between other humans currently living their physical lives and some of the members of the dark network. Those agreements will have to be addressed individually. However, there is no requirement to pursue releasement of all in the network, unless the client has a lot of time and you as therapist have an adventuresome spirit.


Other Conditions and Attachments


Most of the extraterrestrial beings discussed here and in the protocol in Chapter 9 are those who are attached to the energy field of the client and are from non-physical dimensions. Generally, their impact can be just like the dark beings and earthbounds who are not of the physical but can have direct impact on the physical experience of the host/client, in addition to the emotional and mental experience of the host/client. Some are not attached, but have left etheric devices implanted for their so-called “research.” 

 Some ETs have well intended beneficial purposes that seem to stem from very high planes of spiritual consciousness and though they are not attached in the field of the client, they have left implants that are to assist the client in their spirituality. And others have their origin in dimensions that are dull, highly technical, mechanical, and seemingly without “heart.” Some of the attached ET’s functions are for control of the client, and of no great benefit to the ET.

Situations Common to Attachment or Intrusion by Entities

Earthbound human spirits may be found haunting places they are attached to emotionally or places where they feel at home or where they were living in the physical prior to their death. Among these may be graveyards, cemeteries, mausoleums, funeral homes, their former residences, favorite hangouts, bars, or energetically depressed areas.

Humans that are vulnerable to drawing such entities into their energetic field may increase that vulnerability through the use of alcohol, drugs or medications. Otherwise, vulnerability may come by being the victim of child abuse of any kind, undergoing surgery, extreme stress, accidents or any experience where there is trauma or loss of consciousness. Energies of human spirits whose body parts have been used for transplants may certainly reside within the energy fields of those organs and so affect the experience of the hosts. Patients with recent blood transfusions also report significant indications of energy attachment.

 Some attachments happen when people want loved ones who have died to remain here and, through their strong desire, invite them in. Others may have earthbounds follow them from one life to another, dropping off at the end of each life and reattaching in the womb or infancy to the same soul. Such repeated reattachments need to be investigated so that the originating conditions of the attraction can be identified,  healed, and cleared.

 This can be done through regression back to the first life where the relationship first happened or developed and healing the vulnerability or susceptibility of the client’s personality that energetically allowed the other to attach in that life. The healing may

require a bit of processing of critical events in that relationship with the other in that life and then the bringing in of Higher Resource to the emotional fields in those events.

 Often dark ones enter in as part of a cult or ritual sexual abuse of a child. In these cases the dark ones have been present with the whole cult for quite a while and may have “deals” with some of the perpetrating members.

 Many religious doctrines and dogma are sufficient to create fear of dark ones in the hearts of members and their families. Exorcisms done by some religious groups or churches are usually done in a naive and emotionally charged atmosphere of fear and terror, where ministers try by their own will to “power” out demons from members. Such fear in the ceremony only creates emotional chaos and then openings in the energy fields of the participants and observers in the congregation. Such openings and vulnerabilities are invitations for those earthbounds and dark ones present to move in and “set up house.” So though one earthbound or demon may leave the physical body of one from whom the “demons” are being “cast out,” it may simply drop into another person in that same room.

 A common directive by exorcists is to cast the “demons” into outer darkness. But the demons, by their nature and definition are outer darkness. Additionally, what the Roman church and others do not recognize is that the so called “demons” they think they are working with may not be demons at all, but earthbound spirits and some with perhaps dark ones attached to them.

 Mediumship, which has various religious and spiritual variations, is the practice of inviting in the deceased for guidance, play, or inspiration. Practitioners who are not specific as to the type of entity they want to communicate with generally are entering a dangerous arena.

 Students of shamanism or traditional Native American Medicine (peyote) and practitioners of Voodoo, practitioners from the Amazon and Andes using “medicines” such as Ayahuasca, may be unaware of the need for protections in ceremony and unaware of the differences among types of spirits. And so they also may be venturing into a risky zone. The risk is that they may well attract earthbounds who are confused and no help at all and whose presence promotes mental and emotional dysfunction in the hosts. Or they may attract dark beings looking for vulnerable human hosts to exploit.

 A Client Story

A woman in her mid-forties came to see me about a state of fear and anxiety she had been stuck in since her early childhood. She had sought psychiatric help, counseling, and medications on and off for years to no avail. Spirit Releasement protocol identified an attached earthbound spirit. Regression to the causal incident of the attachment showed an event in her current life where the earthbound had attached to her when the client was six years old in an exorcism ceremony in a Pentecostal Church.

 Reliving the incident, the client described the state of fear that she was in as she sat next to the person receiving the “exorcism” as the pastor ranted and raved commanding the “spirit of the devil” in the person next to her come “come out.” She also shared how the whole church seemed to be filled with such fear.

 After some dialogue and persuasion with the attached earthbound, it was lovingly escorted into its True Home in the Light. We also brought healing to the client’s experience of fear in the church that eventful day. The client left the session bright and clear. Her anxiety and fear no longer present.


 Alter Personalities

These are fragments of personalities that energetically split off in extreme trauma or abuse in the current life or past lives. By definition they are subpersonalities but ones that, from time to time, dominate the main personality in this life or the past life to the extent that the regular personality has little or no recall of the alter’s expression or existence. Hence the client may present themselves with segments of their daily living seeming to be missing.

 Such a “soul fragment” may be investigated through inquiry when the alter’s personality comes through and dominates the client’s expression and is distinctly different from the main personality. It can also be investigated with the client in altered (hypnosis) state. Also, the main personality of the client or the past life main personality, where ever such fragmentation occurred, is usually characterized by a sense of powerlessness and helplessness. There usually has been extreme sexual and/or physical abuse in the main personality’s experience. Such events are generally the field of terror in which the fragmentation occurs. 

 An alter that is created through fragmentation in extreme trauma in another life and attaches to the client in this life may be part of the same soul as the client or a part of a separate soul. Regression may be performed with the alter to the time and place where they split off from the main personality. That process may take them to an event in this life or to another life. If the journey for the alter’s regression takes them to another life, the alter will have no recall of the death in that life except that it may have witnessed the death of the main personality. It will not have rejoined with the main personality when the main personality entered into the Light.

 Generally, an alter will have no memory of the experiences of the life of the main personality after it has split off. It may only have memory from the moment of its “creation” or fragmentation from the main personality.

 Attached earthbounds and alters who are from other souls or prior lifetimes of the client are sometimes misidentified as alters created in the current life of the client by therapists who are not aware of or knowledgeable about spirit attachment. Hypnotherapy and inquiry during the hypnosis trance state can help bring needed understanding and reveal the alter’s first experience of itself, the point of splitting off or fragmenting.

 Sometimes clients may exhibit behavior that seems to be that of more than one alter or what has been called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD (ICD-10) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DSM-IV R). Attached earthbounds are sometimes misidentified in these diagnoses as alters. (Baldwin) Hence much treatment may be applied that has little effect, if any. Meanwhile a client that otherwise may be diagnosed as MPD or DID may have only attached earthbound spirits or may have alters and alters with attached dark ones, attached earthbounds with attached dark ones within the earthbound, and attached alters from another soul in this life or past life. Such clients present incredibly complex challenges!

 Generally, whether an alter is created from the current life of the client or another life of the client or someone else, the healing of the alter so that it can freely rejoin the rest of its soul needs to incorporate healing of the trauma event(s) where such separation or fragmentation first occurred. Careful consideration must also be given to the possible presence of dark beings having entered into the “soul fragment” at the causal event and also to the possibility of prior life agreements with the “dark side.”

 Clients who present pictures such as these need to be served by practitioners who have great skill, patience, compassion, training and experience in Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement and the wisdom of such extensive therapeutic experience.


Agreements with Dark Ones or Others Who Seek Control

Some attached dark ones and earthbounds seem difficult to clear and remove. They present resistance to the regular protocols for releasement. Some have ties with the client through agreements made in the current life. Other entities resistant to the normal releasement protocol may come from other lives of the client where they had continued to follow the client through various lives due to an agreement. Such agreements usually have the condition of a promise that if the human spirit in that physical life would give over control to the earthbound or dark one, they would receive some payment or supposed benefit from such an arrangement.

In such cases regression and healing of the causal events where the agreement was made needs to take place. This may require a whole past life regression and processing as per the New Regression Therapy protocol. When this is accomplished the attached entity can be easily released into the Light. 

Animal Spirits

Sometimes the spirit of an animal may attach. This can occur when the client has a deep-seated sense of empathy for the animal and their natural setting appears endangered. A person may have had the animal as a pet and the pet died and the client has retained a deep emotional attachment to the animal. Releasement in these cases may require some dialogue (IPC) with the spirit of the animal for the client.

Some animal spirits may appear as “protectors” and may be a creation of the client out of trauma situations earlier in life where they created such a resource for themselves through projection. Or such spirit may be an entity from an astral realm that showed up in response to the cry for a specific type of help from the traumatized client. Final releasement may be into “their Light” in the animals’ spirit realm.


Mind Fragments

These are energies of loved ones, parents, perpetrators, angry employers, and can easily attach to us. This happens very frequently. They may be partial attachments of those still incarnated at this time or fragments of those who may have been close to the client and are deceased.

 In the womb energies of the mother attach and impact the unborn child. Often the impact of these energies with the associated patterns of emotions and beliefs held by the mother is very significant, sometimes setting an imprint or pattern that drives much of the child’s behavior and sense of self. While such imprints can also be traced to causes in previous lives, addressing these imprints through clearing protocols and energy call back (see Chapter 7) can certainly bring significant relief to the client. 

Splinter Personalities

Some of the compulsive behaviors of clients that seem radically divergent from the rest of their profile may be suspected as being driven by an attached entity and upon investigation be found to actually be a very demonstrative or strong aspect or subpersonality of a past life of the client that have been carried forward by the soul into this life to be addressed with needed healing.

These so-called splinter personalities are such as to have a very dominant influence on the client and the client’s behavior. Some authors have described interviewing and clearing these personalities out of apparently dominating roles in the current life of the client by having persuasive dialogue with them, convincing them “to go back to the life they come from.”

However, it seems that there really is no difference between these personalities and other subpersonalities developed in past lives and manifesting in this life, except that the control of the client or their dominance by the so defined splinter personality seems so evident or demonstrable.

I do not recommend dialogue to persuade the splinter personality to retreat “back to the life they came from,” but rather, to address them through regression to the life of origin to see where they have trauma or unfinished business that needs the completion of healing.

So to summarize, if questions arise as to the source or cause of the dominant aberrant behavior, the therapist can pursue a scan first to see if an attachment exists that is the cause of the identified behavior. If none is found then using the protocol of regression to cause will probably yield the life where the behavior is being driven from.



In addition to etheric devices implanted by extraterrestrials other objects that may appear in the client’s field, there can be objects from trauma from current life or other lives. It is not usual for a client to discover what appear to be swords, spears, or arrows lodged in their energy field. If such objects show up, do a count suggesting that when you reach three the client will find themselves in the incident where such object came into their experience. Clear the trauma around the event first using the basic regression protocols and then have the angels remove the device and retrieve the parts lost or fragmented due to the trauma and the presence of the object. 

A Client Story

In the course of a scan for attachments, a forty-year-old female client discovered the presence of a woman appearing as a witch who claimed she had a good deal of control over the client and an agreement to impact the client’s relationships with men. When asked how long she had been with the client, the “witch” responded, “several lifetimes.”

I asked the entity to take us back to the life of the client where any agreement had been created. A recall came of a lifetime where the client was a young woman and deeply enamored with a man who had rejected her. She was determined to gain his love and affection and so went to the witch and began studying with her and learning her craft. The witch promised she would do “magic” that would bring the man to her if the young woman would agree to come under the witch’s control. The young woman agreed.

The relationship with the man developed but was not a happy one, as the young woman herself had also been seeking control over the man. In the regression the client realized that such orientation never brings fulfillment.

Meanwhile the witch died, attached to the young woman and then, after the woman’s death, the witch reattached to her in several ensuing incarnations.

Upon processing and bringing healing to that life and the prior agreement with the witch, the past life personality of the client entered into a wonderful state of compassion for herself, the man, and the witch. And so when the client came back into this life in the therapy room and was still in altered state, she actually assisted the witch into the White Light. The client’s state was of such attunement at that point that such assistance was a natural expression of Divine Love from within her.

Two Client Stories

A forty nine year old female came to see me a few years ago. She suspected there were attachments in her energy. She had been feeling depressed and defeated. Her view of her professional life was that she had been “living out” her deceased father’s “failures.” She had also recently developed symptoms of arthritis and had started drinking martinis and started smoking cigarettes.


In the therapy session she was placed into an altered state and I had her do a scan of her energy using the metaphor of a magic mirror. Reflected in the mirror were three entities which we proceeded to clear out. One was her father who had died about twenty years ago and actually had first partially attached to “Daddy’s girl” when she was three and then completely when he died. The others had recently attached. They were two men, one a heavy smoker who loved martinis and the other one who had died while suffering from arthritis. All three were released into the Light. At the next session the client reported that her fear of failure was gone, she was not smoking or drinking martinis anymore and there no longer were any symptoms of arthritis.


 In regression to a causal life for her pattern of anxiety a 40 year old client was processing events pretty well, but there seemed to be some depth missing. Eventually, during what I had presumed to be the regression to the most previous life for the client (where she had also been a woman) some historical data started not to jive. The airline terminal and concourse the past life character was describing had been recently built. It was the United Airlines Concourse at O’Hare Field at Chicago. The logistics of the earliest possible time for that past life personality to have been on that concourse and then to have died and been reborn to become the forty year old client in my office in 2001 just did not fit.

I then recognized I had been doing regression in that session for an attached “earthbound” instead of my client. The earthbound had died in an accident and then attached to my client. I convinced her that she needed to go home to her true home in the White Light and asked the Angels of the White Light escort her there.



A curse is a thought form with the negative emotional charge of the sender tied with it. It contains a deliberate negative intention to bring about negative experience on the part of the recipient. The curse may be generational, passed on by word of mouth and conveyed from one generation to another with statements implying that there is power in the curse and so instilling fear in the heart and mind of the next generation. Curses that are believed by the target(s) to have power over them will have such power. Fear promotes the curse.

On the other hand, a client may have no conscious awareness that a curse is affecting him/her, but may be able in altered state to assist in identifying the existence, source, and the life of origin.

Most curses usually have been created with dark ones as the aggravators in the sender’s field. The creator of a curse may have been raised in an atmosphere full of “dark magic” or some fear-based spiritual/religious orientation. If the perpetrator of the curse has issues of powerlessness as a child or issues of anger or revenge, they may learn from their parents or their environment that setting up curses is a way for them to feel “power” over their lives and apparent adversaries. This vulnerable field may be very attractive to dark ones who will gladly come in and manipulate the soon-to-be curse perpetrator.

Some cultures are rife with curses. The curses play a major role in the fear-based religions of those cultures. Networks of dark beings attach to the multitudes in those societies and exploit the revenge orientation that plays a major role in the mind of the people.

A curse generated in this life may also be related to prior lives experiences of the souls involved in both “sides” of the curse. But it may have taken place without any conscious knowledge on the part of the target of the curse. Clearing the curse can take place by healing the rift in the relationship with the one who sent the curse in the first place. Guilt is sometimes an element in the symbiosis in the relationship between the two such parties.

Reversing or nullifying a curse can take place by having the client (in trance) call forward the personality of the curse perpetrator. Using the Spirit Releasement protocol, dark ones and manipulative earthbounds can be cleared, lost parts of the perpetrators retrieved and reintegrated. This will usually cause dissolution of the

curse, unless there are issues from prior lives between the two parties. In that case regression protocol will become the effective route for healing between the past life personalities of the players.


Stranger than Fiction

 On April 7th of 2008 a story appeared in the news media that a man who had received the transplanted heart of a suicide victim and then twelve years after receiving the transplant the man killed himself in exactly the same way as the donor of the heart had.

The man, Sonny Graham, had received Terry Cottle’s heart. Sonny had met Terry’s widow after being told her husband was his heart donor and after he had started writing to her. They later married and twelve years after the successful transplant operation, Sonny Graham shot himself dead, leaving his wife a widow for the second time in strikingly similar circumstances. The newspaper reported that officials in the town of Vidalia, Georgia, (USA) said Sonny Graham, 69, died after shooting himself in the throat with a shotgun, the same manner Terry had killed himself.

The paper also stated that scientists say there are more than 70 documented cases of transplant patients having personality changes as if they had taken on some of the characteristics of the donor.


Inadvertent Discovery of Entities Through “Parts Work”

Earthbounds may be misidentified as parts or subpersonalities and vice-versa when using the tools of other healing modalities such as “parts work” or “conference room” in Alchemical Hypnotherapy (Quigley), and the protocols of Core Transformation (Andreas). If you are using one of these modalities and suspect that a subpersonality seems not to be that of the client, then you can make a correct identification by asking the part or subpersonality questions about how long they have been with the client, or by asking if they are an attachment or a part. Asking them how they came to be in the client’s experience will generally yield an accurate and truthful answer. 

Other Indications of Entities, Energies or Attachments

A client may state words that are key indicators of possible spirit attachment. The interesting thing is that the client may be unaware of the truth of such words: “I’m just not myself,” or “This is not like me at all.” Pay attention to such obvious statement indicators and follow them up carefully. 

A client may have or have had a sense of someone else being there with them or they may be aware of influences that don’t feel like themselves. They may be aware of earthbounds or dark ones in dreams. 

Other indications of possible entity attachment may be sudden onset of panic attacks or other disturbed emotional states or irregular physical conditions. A client may be aware of significant differences in her attitude or sense of self after surgery or illness or accident and that may be an indication of attached entities.

Sometimes other indicators may exist such as a change of voice, convulsions, speaking in unknown language, or having a sudden increase in psychic insights or information.

Sometimes in the process of a past life regression, it may become evident that what is presumed to be past life personality is actually that of an attached entity. This may be indicated by the client not being clear in their processing of past life events, or by the historical dates given or an incongruent description of the environment. It may also become evident when information from a presumed past life personality indicates periods of history conflicting with the birth date of the current life of the client. For instance, a regression to a past life of a client who is 45 today shows a presumed past life of an Iraqi woman after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2005.

As mentioned in Chapter Three, the influence of earthbounds, dark beings, demonic beings, and others may be suspected in a regression to either the current life or another life. When this happens it is generally appropriate to intervene and use the Spirit Releasement protocols for identification and releasement. (See Chapter Nine.) 

Removing an attached entity from a client’s past life personality (where that entity had continued to reattach in later life times) usually results in the entity no longer being present in either subsequent prior lives of the client nor in this one.

Dealing with Resistance of Attached Entities

Exorcism and some methods of spirit releasement that are fear-based egoic confrontations create resistance in the attached entities. Some practitioners of Spirit Releasement involve themselves in arguments with entities or attempts at persuading them to go the Light that are really just lectures or admonishments.

Such confrontations are not necessary. The alternative of the use of angels to bring in the persuasive experiences needed in the protocols is a highly effective and an efficient means of facilitating releasement.

Angels can be used in lots of ways. In persuading an earthbound spirit to go Home into the Light, and it is reluctant to leave a client, I ask them if I can bring them a taste of what it will be like when they finally decide to leave the host (client) and go to their true home in the Light. If they say yes, then I ask that Angels of the White Light to bring them a taste of that straight away. Most often the earthbound’s hesitancy is changed in a few seconds and they are ready to go Home.

In cases where there is a strong relationship between the client and the entity, (whether earthbound or dark being) there may be some “therapy” needed to help the relationship of dependency relax, so the entity can move on. Here regression may be needed to go the causal event or the event when the client tie was made and where the entity came in.

As referenced earlier some earthbound spirits have had prior relationships with the client in other lives and have attached in those lives, dropped off when the client died and then reattached when the client reincarnated.

Dialogue between the therapist and such attached earthbounds may be sufficient to help them choose to go into the Light. But sometimes regression to the lifetime where the attachment first happened may be necessary. Then other tools such as IPC and healing as per the New Regression Therapy protocol will alter the client’s vulnerability to the attachment. In these cases the healing of the past life will cause the current attraction by the earthbound to dissolve. Then the attached entity in this life will easily leave.

Other Uses of Angels in Spirit Releasement

I also use angels to help clear the client’s energy of the entity’s residual energies and the impact of those energies upon the client. Additionally, angels are used in the following manner:

  • To cleanse the client’s and the earthbound’s body and energy field;
  • To draw a web of Light around any dark ones, all possible replacements for them, those who sent them, or have been directing them, and any of their colleagues who also wish to return to the Light;
  • To help in retrieval and healing of lost or fragmented parts;
  • To protect the client;
  • To protect and cleanse the therapist’s energy;
  • To retrieve and heal parts of the client’s energy that may have been lost or scattered or fragmented due to the presence of the entities just released in the session.        


Angels can also be used to help the client or an earthbound to let go of an old memory that is contributing to being stuck in a particular state. Often just inviting the Angels of the White Light to come in and touch that one in that place where they feel “stuck” can alter their egoic positionality and help them become free enough to either let go of the attached being, or, if they are the attached earthbound, to let go of their host (client).


As mentioned earlier, ghosts are spirits who remain in the realms adjacent to the earth after death and “haunt,” if you will, places and people familiar to them from the lives they just left or haunt places where they experienced their deaths, or places where former loved ones are still residing in their physical world. They may remain there for any of the same reasons why earthbound spirits remain and attach to human spirits still in the body. They may attempt to influence specific persons here, and may attempt to assist them or annoy, harass, or harm them. Or they may be “lost” souls and just wander in a lost state.


Elementals and Nature Spirits

Other assorted types of attachments to one’s energy may include elementals or nature spirits. These two seem to come about when one has had a very deep connection with nature and the Earth.


A Client Story 

A client described witnessing a large number of ghosts showing up in his apartment. There were many different types that had shown up suddenly after he had taken a particular combination of medications prescribed for his depression. Though he had stopped taking the medications, the “apparitions” continued to parade through and outside his home, mostly oblivious to his presence. They appeared to be wandering in a sort of grey atmosphere

In the remote spirit releasement with a surrogate it was noted that none of the disembodied spirits seemed to be suffering. All seemed to be stuck in the lives that they had left. There were well-dressed society folks attending a dinner and other spirits stuck in the era of hippies and marijuana and psychedelics.

There was an unusual group of men and women that claimed that they were followers of a leader of a small Muslim country. After his death many of them had deeply mourned him and when their deaths came, they sought him out. None of them had gone into the Light. He had been their metaphorical light in their earthly life. The leader was pleased with the presence of his followers, but had no knowledge of the missed opportunity to go into the Heaven Worlds and draw his followers into that wonderful realm.

We had the Angels of the White Light open a portal to Heaven Worlds. He then proudly stood at the entrance to the portal and summoned all his followers to go through the portal. He was last to pass through.

Later we discovered portals around the client’s apartment, created inadvertently through drug use of psychedelics and marijuana by previous owners during the 1970s. These portals were between different lower astral realms that were not of the Light. The states of these dimensions were the same vibration as the “stoned” states of the party-goers at the apartment and the previous apartment owners. Eventually we had those portals sealed by the angels and step-by-step encouraged the different groups to go into the Light escorted by the Angels of the White Light.

Simple   Differential    Identification

Earthbounds Dark Beings


Will   usually be able to respond to questions of whether they have a name or   remember having had a human body.


May not   answer to whether they have a name or they may have a “bad” attitude.

Have never   had their own body.



If placed   in a web of White Light will usually not feel stuck within it and may even   revel and feel blessed in it.



If placed   in a web of White Light will remain stuck in it and often scream or try to no   avail to get out.


May have   dark ones attached.



Maybe   attached to earthbounds.


May have   other earth-bounds attached, who may in turn have dark ones attached.



May appear   to completely have absorbed earthbounds within their dark or black color.


May have   only a dull memory of their death or previous life.


May have   knowledge of where they came from — often “hell,” “satan,” “You know!”



Appropriate  Releasement Process


Dark Beings


Can be   encouraged by persuasion, comfort, and support.


Angels of the White Light or Heart of Elijah to wrap dark ones in web   of White Light.



Upon   agreement, can be escorted into the White Light by Angels of the White Light   or will go on own volition or initiative.



Investigate and clear any symbiosis with host (client).


Cannot be forced to go to the light.    They will go on their own volition when ready.



Gain insight to significant info on the attraction or vulnerability of   person when  a dark one is attached.



Angels of White Light or Heart of Elijah escort them into their   appropriate place in the Light.



Thought Forms, Generational and Cultural Fields and Beliefs

Thought forms fill the mind of the world we live in. Some are extraneous thoughts that have an energetic form and presence of little effect, but when associated with others similar in frequency and vibration can have a more powerful collective effect. In past life regression for a client you will note that the personality in that life encounters a distinct cultural mind, attitudes, and sets of expectations that are placed on them by that world. All this is in addition to what the personality of that past life projects out into their world.

Such aggregated thought forms have a significant impact on the development of a life. In the planning period prior to an incarnation, obstacles may be set up in a manner that are to be overcome or, rather, have the potential of being overcome or transmuted. Sometimes such obstacles may be the collective thought fields of the world the soul is incarnating into. In this perspective the thought fields may exist as karmic background for learning for the soul or as an environment for the experiences needed for balancing in the soul’s energies and perceptions.

For example, a woman is born of lower class in England in the 1500s, where women were subjugated and considered chattel (property). She is taught to submit to the wiles and wills of men. The elements of this field also include the fear-based feminine orientation of other women, and the potent thought field that women must rely upon the man as the authority. She might have a soul level self-assignment to be able to learn to live free within herself and come to not assimilate the thought forms of the collective unconscious of the day. She might be faced with the opportunity to come into a state of peace and Self-reliance in the midst of these world beliefs. This opportunity may or may not have been taken advantage of. 

Meanwhile, a woman in this life, filled with anger and resentment toward men, may find a similar past life as above and in the course of regression therapy and coming to healing of that life, release in herself the impact of the previously incorporated thought forms and world beliefs of that era. In so doing she would not only release herself from such bondage within her own psyche in that life and this one, but also help ease the once-binding impact of those cultural thought mind fields on other women of that day and women of today. 

Other thought forms in the planet are very highly charged with negative emotion and signature beliefs and are the creation of major collective experiences of whole human cultures or subcultures within a society. These are created out of trauma events, persecutions, exploitations, rape and slavery, slavery of women and the enslavement of the feminine, the thought field that there must be denial of heart among men, wars, disasters and other charged dramas. When the collective trauma energies, thought fields and signature beliefs are left with no healing taken place around the events of origin, they slip into the collective unconscious mind of the human Earth experience.

These forms and energy fields can be felt and seen in locations that were the places of origin years ago. Their continuing impact can also be easily seen in our daily lives and culture today. As more Light has been entering into the consciousness and atmosphere of Earth, more of these collective fields are being revealed. Some fields of energetic and dark emotionally charged forms are held within the very soil of the Earth, others are in dimensions close to Earth and near associated physical locales. 

Some areas hold huge fields of lost souls, ghosts of the trauma experiences (battles, mass murders) where confusion in death still remains and whose states of consciousness of anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, and terror are still holding the trauma of the unresolved deaths. The Light is not yet known to them. They are blinded by the collective fears and the influence of dark entities.

There is increasing understanding of collective thought forms and their presences. But there is much yet to be acknowledged. Light and awareness will bring the potential for clearing of those forms and their eventual transmutation. Application of the New Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement plus other future augmentations to these modalities will play an important role in the lifting of much of these depressing and angry collective energetic thought forms so Love can live in the world.

Client’s Fear and Other Factors

A client’s fear may become evident as a causal factor in attracting earthbounds or dark beings. This is not uncommon amongst children who have suffered abuse or adults who have been traumatized by assault, war, or catastrophe. Dark beings and some earthbounds feed off the fears of human spirits, whether the victims be earthbound or human spirits in their own life here. And to enhance the generation of fear, these same beings will instill added fear in the host or help it to fester.

Given that, most dark ones will admit to this dynamic and add that, in some way, they have a job to bring the client “down” or keep him/her depressed or keep the client in misery or some state that is contrary to the Light of True Being.

If a client expresses fear in a session and the fear is about the presence of an identified attached entity (dark or earthbound), the therapist can bring in the presence of “Angels of the White Light to envelop this entity in a web of pure White Light.” Generally, the placement of the entity in a web will cause the client’s fear to be reduced as they witness and feel the effect of the envelopment. While this will not cause removal of attached earthbounds, if the entity in question is a dark one, the presence of the web will usually bring a halting of most of their interference. Exceptions to this are when there is a symbiotic relationship between the client and the dark one(s).

The client may not have been conscious at all of such a relationship in their “normal” waking state. But in altered state they may have awareness of how they are wanting the dark ones to stay or how they are dependent on the dark ones’ presence. If this awareness is uncovered then some simple persuasion may alleviate the dependency. Or it may be helpful to have the Angels of the White Light come and touch the client in the heart space where they may be connected with the dark one. This intervention of Divine Presence may be sufficient to dissolve the dependency.

Again, another option is to have the client regress to the place and time in this life or another life where such relationship first started and bring healing to that life or those incidents. When returning to scan for the presence of the dark ones, if the healing of the cause of their attachment has taken place through the regression, then (in most cases) the dark ones will have disappeared.

Some clients seem to keep drawing in attachments or have repeated experiences of hauntings after releasement and clearings have been performed. If entities get cleared and others seem to return to the client, even when an effort is made to provide some protection against further intrusions, it may well be that the client has a past life cause for the continued attraction. Regression can then be made to the cause of this pattern of repeated attraction of entities.

Some earthbounds have shared that the reason for the gathering or repeated attraction of other earthbound spirits to the client may be that they (the earthbound spirits) are prescient about the client seeing a therapist who will be able to help them return to the Light. Some clients seem to have replacement earthbounds showing up shortly after they have had others released. When such clients are asked what the cause might be, they sometimes report that they are lonely. Inquiry with the client may show a need to regress to and bring healing to the cause of such a repeating pattern of experience.

 A Client Story

A thirty-five-year-old male client was processing a death from a war wound and then found himself (as a man in that lifetime) moving into the Light. Upon entering into the Light, the soldier was greeted by participants from both sides – each of them wearing their military best and completely lacking of any signs of war wounds. The atmosphere was one of celebration and welcoming.

The soldier was disgusted by the joy and celebration – even if it was shared equally among all that had just fought and died in the war. So disgusted was this soul, that he chose to leave the Interlife and wandered the war field for years, all the while unwilling to notice that the war field had since grown over with wild flowers and meadows. 

Finally, the man became too weary from being in such deep disgust and judgment and finally rested and became still. He remained in one  place while an oak tree grew next to him. Finally, Archangel Michael came to retrieve this soul and as he ascended with the soldier cradled in his arms, Michael apologized profusely about how upsetting the after death reception had seemed to the soldier.  Michael and the other light beings had no idea that the soldier was going to respond with such disgust and judgment.  Michael further explained that the hope and goal for such a reception was for the soldiers to see and experience unity after experiencing such separation and conflict in that lifetime.

Upon his return to the Light, in that experience he found himself glad to be coming home. And the reception party attire had changed.

Please note:

An important distinction between earthbounds and dark beings is that the dark beings cannot escape such webs of Light but earthbounds usually are able to leave it if they choose. So if a web of Light is used on an earthbound, the earthbound may actually feel lighter and not be contained. The presence of the web, then, can be used in aiding in determination of the type of attachment.  If the entity tries but cannot seem to get out of the web, they are usually not an earthbound but a dark being. A dark one may also seem to be trying to get out or expressing anger at their apparent trapped state in the Light.

However, an earthbound may have become so absorbed in a dark being as to be difficult for the client (through the surrogate in a remote session) to first indentify its presence within the field of the dark being. In cases such as this the presence of the White Light (in the web) will help the earthbound to become more distinct from the enveloping dark being. Then a call can be made to the angels to use another web of Light to separate out the dark one from the earthbound and remove the dark being into its appropriate place in the White Light.

If such a second web is used to separate out the dark being from the earthbound and there is resistance by the earthbound to that separation, it may be due to a dependency on the part of the earthbound or an old agreement between the earthbound and the dark being. Such relationship can usually be dissipated quickly by asking that the Heart of Elijah come and touch the earthbound in that relationship. His presence will usually cause dissolution of that bond.

Using a web of light around an earthbound can also help in revealing additional layered (or embedded or nested) entities of earthbounds and/or dark ones. The metaphor of shining a light on the subject should not be lost here.

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