Regression & Past Life Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

In traditional regression and past life therapy the client is placed in a deeply relaxed state (though completely conscious) and expresses their intention to their subconscious to be taken to the root causal life of the current problem or theme. A good therapist will encourage them to feel the critical events in the past life and be “in” them. This may include reviewing the death experience and some therapists may guide the client into the experience of the ‘Life Between Lives”. They then may have the client revisit the events they had just been experienced in that life and reframe or rescript those events using their conscious mind. When facilitated in a thorough manner the process may include catharsis and the outcome a new rational mind understanding of the causes of the current life issue and some possible emotional clearing. Often the presenting issue may be resolved.

In The New Regression Therapy after taking the past life journey to the “causal life” in a similar manner to the traditional method (above) the client may be directed into the “Life Between Lives” where Divine Presence (Light of God, or great teacher or Angel of the White Light or the client’s Higher Self) is brought into what still remains of the negative fear based theme and feelings and beliefs carried out of that life. The therapist asks that that Presence of the Divine come and touch the past life personality in the “life between lives” and the field (Sansakara) of those feelings and beliefs. The result is usually a complete dissolution of the once emotionally charged field and beliefs.

The client as that prior life personality carries that profound altered state of healing back to the just visited lifetime and feels and watches the impact of that state on that life. Where there was trauma, there may be no event or there may be protection or compassion. In some cases a whole lifetime seems to disappear and be rewritten in the consciousness of the Inner Being (not rescripting by conscious mind). Sometimes other lifetimes that had been filled with the same charge and were part of that field or sanskara appear to be spontaneously transformed. The whole field or sanskara may have been lifted from the soul.

When the client returns to their current “movie” and life, the issue and theme, its “clues and triggers” are dissolved. In-sight may be carried with them, but mostly it is the total transformation of the issue into seemingly nonexistance. No management or revisiting that prior life is needed.

In a simplified example, one client might have a pattern of feeling abandoned or abandoning others in relationships in this life. In the regression she may experience the causal life where her mother was not emotionally present while the client (as the prior life personality) was in the womb. Her mother in that life may have given her up for adoption and the father not around at all. There the client may have felt loss or emotional pain in the absence of love and garnered the belief that she was not lovable or worthy of being loved. She may have died alone and angry. In the “movie” of this life the theme might be replicated. If so, she is emotionally abandoned by her parents and grows up rejecting others or being rejected in relationship. But after one or two sessions of The New Regression Therapy, that whole theme is healed and she finds more and more people genuinely drawn to her and feels a greater capacity for both giving and receiving love.

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