Freeing Attached Human Spirits

Attached Human Spirits and Energies and Their Clearing

Spirit releasement or spirit depossession is a therapeutic process based upon the pioneering work of Edith Fiore, Ph.D., William Baldwin, Ph.D., and others in the field. (See Resources/Book Reviews below). It is a method of identifying and of  clearing attached beings and energies that are attached in a person’s energetic field. Such “attachments” can be demonic and other energies and earth bound human spirits (those who have died but not risen into the Light or the Heaven worlds). Sometimes the energies of those human spirits still in their physical bodies may be attached in the person’s energy field. Such attachments can significantly affect client behavior, feelings, and attitudes usually without any conscious awareness on the part of the client. Most therapists are unaware of the presence of such beings within the energetic fields of their clients and so may often be unknowingly trying to treat the behavior of someone other than the client him or herself.

It is actually not uncommon for those of us here on the earth plane to have the presence of human spirits who have died and left their physical bodies and not gone onto the normal pathway after death – the White Light and the Heaven Worlds. When they come into our energy fields they bring with them the state that they died in. We, then, begin to feel what they are feeling, Details on types of influences they can bring can be found in the link to How Human Spirits Attach, the excerpt from Chapter 8 of Greg McHugh’s book “The New Regression Therapy”, and in other books listed below. Generally speaking the use of Angels of the White Light is most effective in all of the various protocols for clearing.

The documentation of the effect of attached beings and the results after releasement is significant. The end results of the releasement process are often dramatic, profound, and enduring. Other important books in this field:

Freeing the Captives – Louise Ireland Frye MD          A very personable and easy read

Spirit Releasement Therapy, Willam Baldwin Ph.D.     A major pioneer in this field and regression therapy

Remarkable Healings, Shakuntala Modi MD              A major work that includes data and research findings and case studies

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