Freeing Other Attached Spirits

Freeing other Types of Attachments

Other types of entities that may attach include extra terrestrials and dark beings from other dimensional systems.   Most of the extraterrestrial beings are those who are attached to the energy field of the client and are from non-physical dimensions.  Generally, their impact can be just like the dark beings and earthbounds who are not of the physical but can have direct impact on the physical experience of the host/client, in addition to the emotional and mental experience of the host/client.   Some are not attached, but have left etheric devices implanted for their so-called “research.”

Some ETs have well intended beneficial purposes that seem to stem from very high planes of spiritual consciousness and though they are not attached in the field of the client, they have left implants that are to assist the client in their spirituality. And others have their origin in dimensions that are dull, highly technical, mechanical, and seemingly without “heart.” Some of the attached ET’s functions are for control of the client, and of no great benefit to the ET.

Clearing of the extraterrestrials who are of negative intent or manipulative intent and of any devices can be done using Angels of the White Light.

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