Sending Attached Dark Beings into the Light


Dark Beings, Their Influence, and Clearing

Dark beings (also known as demons) are spirits that exist, in part, as elements of the dualistic universe we have all created and believe ourselves to be in.  When souls were first sent out of the godhead most interpreted the experience in a fear based orientation, that they were separated from God and the Union of Bliss they had been in only moments before. Part of the journey of souls has been to recover that Union and much of that recovery involve healing of the misperception of being separate from the Divine. Dark Beings emerged out as spirit but had a very dramatic experience perceiving they had been rejected by God in that emergence. In that process they became filled with intense anger, hatred, and resentment, vowing to “get back” at God by interfering with the journey of human souls endeavors to return to that state of Union within themselves.

Dark beings enter into our energy fields when we are physically or emotionally vulnerable, in the womb, at birth or at anytime later in life. They tend to aggravate our mental and emotional negative postures. Their job  is to keep us from our own light and from fulfilling our soul’s life purposes.

Clearing them from the field of a person is relatively simple and direct most of the time. Angels of the White Light can be used to draw webs of Light around them and raise them up and out of the energy of the person they were attached to and into the appropriate place for them in the White light. In some situations where there has been an agreement between the person and the dark one, healing must be brought to the emotional state that existed just before the agreement. This is not a difficult process.

Sometimes dark ones may be attached to deceased human spirits who may be attached  to a person who is still in the physical life. Clearing of the dark ones  from the deceased humans must happen first before the deceased human spirit can move into the White Light and out of the field of the one they are attached to.



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